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Why do we ask for your social ID?

Directory Listings can be used in various ways to drive traffic and improve global visibility. Either as a standalone page or conduit to an existing website. With built-in functionality to seamlessly keep in step with search engine requirements and algorithms, the pages act like a turbo charger. Sourcing leads and increasing sales are the obvious benefits, but there is more to be gained… Listings can contain an embedded affiliate ID ~ PROMOTE yourself AND generate extra income. Members can create unlimited listings. The possibilities are limitless. ANYONE is just ONE page away from success. Peruse this page to fully understand the anatomy of a Directory Listing…

The listing page is simple in appearance, but technically rich. Designed to take advantage of the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, based on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and essentially PWA (Progressive Web Apps) ready. Less bloat, more technology, better results!


The anatomy of Directory Listings…

1) Your Name

FIrst & Lastname if you are an individual or artisan. Otherwise the name of your company, business, product, organization or entity. This is the Title of the listing and should not exceed 70 characters, the recommended length for Google search results. The title is used as the focus keywords and optimized in the search engines.

2) Logos & Photos

The first of five images should be your logo if a business or profile picture if an individual/artisan.  The images should be at least 600 pixels and no larger then 1400 pixels. The ideal image size is  1024 x 576 pixels. Allowed formats are .png & .jpg. These pictures should tell your story in five frames. A picture paints a thousand words!

3) Meta Description

Your profile, business, organization description. Basically it’s your elevator pitch and should say it all in at least 135 characters and no more than 300 characters. This is the length of the meta phrases in search engine results. The focus keywords in the title should also be included here. We apply several Flesch-Kincaid readability tests to make sure the description is easily read. Administrators may make slight changes to the description accordingly.

4) Social Sharing

The listings can be shared to over 50 social networks, but for the moment we are only using the top 15 networks. These are easily reached with just a few clicks. Your unique affiliate ID is automagically included in all the links that you share. Social sharing is the primary way in which we can make listings go viral. The social sharing links are embedded below the listing description and left/right margins. The icons flash briefly when appearing.

5) Special Offers

Members can offer fellow members a discounted service, product and/or whatever they wish. These offers can only be seen by members. Hence, these offers may very well be the reason for becoming a member. This is an effective marketing strategy, not only for the subject of the listing, but also to drive affiliate traffic/commissions.

6) Video Clip

YouTube and Vimeo clips can be directly embedded into the listing. This video clip should be directly related to the subject of the listing. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and/or the products and services you offer. The length of the video should ideally be 1-5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes. Short, sweet and to the point.

7) Geo-location

The physical address entered in the listing is used to plot the listing location on Google Maps. This is optional if no address applies. The zip/postal code is the focal point, or the pointer can be dragged to the exact location desired.

8) Contact Details

Obviously the purpose of the listing is to get results. This is measured by the traffic sent to your own website, Facebook, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or whichever URL is published here. A telephone is optional and can only be seen by members who are logged in. The email address supplied here will receive the messages sent via the contact form. Important to note is that all your information is BEHIND the firewall and cannot be scraped by bots and/or casual visitors to the website. We track and pinpoint the IP address of anyone abusing this data.

9) Message Form

This form is only made available to fellow members. The messages are sent to the email address supplied in the Contact Details. We have a strict policy against SPAM and anyone using the forms to send unsolicited commercial email are instantly dealt with. The quality of our membership is high, so we do not experience intentional abuse.

10) Embedded Affiliate ID

A powerful feature of the Listing is that your affiliate ID can be directly embedded in the code of the page. When users see the listing URL, they never see any indication of affiliate IDs such as:
but rather…

Likewise, whenever you share your listing and or include the URL in your email signature, there is NO clue that the URL is actually an affiliate link, As the listing is also in the Directory, this means that ANYONE clicking on your listing will get your affiliate ID set in their browser. This makes your Directory Listing, not only an efficient marketing machine, but also a continual cash cow.

“Promote yourself AND generate residual revenue!”


Who needs a listing…


  • Individuals & Groups

  • Artisans & Professionals

  • Companies & Businesses

  • Entities & Organizations

“ANYONE is just ONE page away from success!”


Individuals & Groups

Even if you already have a website, a Directory Listing is an additional point of presence for your persona. Driving traffic to your more comprehensive website and/or social pages. For those who do not have a personal website, this can effectively be your website. After all, making contact is the main objective and the Listing does exactly that. Directory Listings are an ideal calling card for your activities as an independent Heritage Ambassador.

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Artisans & Professionals

Many artisans do not have a website, leaving them in the shade when it comes to visibility. A number in the telephone directory does not always bring work. Likewise, professionals who do have a website, are experts in their chosen field, but do not necessarily know how to get traffic to a quiet website. Directory Listings solve the problem by obviating the need for a website and/or driving traffic to an otherwise dormant web presence.

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Companies & Businesses

Get a website, they said.,, and customers will flock to buy your products and services… they said. Most business owners quickly found out that not to be true. It takes much more time and effort to get ranked in the search engines. Skills and budget are the usual constraints, until now. Members can create unlimited Directory Listings which effectively drive traffic to their dormant websites. The Business Pack helps create additional revenue streams.

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Entities & Organizations

Administrators of organizations, mayors of cities, curators of museums and many others responsible for marketing, simply do not have the ability to get global visibility. Not only does a search engine optimized Directory Listing help with that, it’s also a great way to create residual revenue. By using a simple QR code, additional revenue streams can be easily implemented. Unique points of sale that are easy to manage and usually more lucrative.

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Members can create unlimited listings!

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